Shanghai Moon

Shanghai Moon - Gold Headdress.jpg (63573 bytes)Shanghai Moon opened on January 20, 1999 at Theater For The New City, 155 First Avenue, New York City, NY.

Shanghai, 1931. Lady Sylvia Allington is the beautiful, young American born wife of an aged British diplomat. She and her husband travel to Shanghai to persuade a notorious Chinese warlord, General Gong Fei, to donate a priceless antique jade bust to the British Museum. Lady Sylvia, a former carnival cooch dancer from Chicago, falls headlong into a fatal love affair with the mysterious Gong Fei, getting hooked on opium and antagonizing the General’s chief adviser, the elderly Doctor Wu and his enigmatic mistress, Mah Li. A scandal involving a local bordello madame, Mrs.  Carroll and a cockney drug runner named Pug Talbot, leads to tragedy. Gong Fei blames Sylvia for his troubles and in a mad fit, brands her on the buttocks. She shoots him and finds herself on trial for his murder. She is acquitted but still imprisoned in her loveless marriage, knowingly sniffs a poisoned chrysanthemum and dies. “Shanghai Moon” is  an  homage to  movie and stage melodramas such as  “The Bitter Tea of General Yen”, “The Letter”, “The Green Hat”, “The Cheat” and “Shanghai Express.”

Stock and amateur rights available through Samuel  French, Inc.  45 West 25th Street, NY, NY 10010. For all other inquiries, please contact Marc Glick, Glick and Weintraub, 1501 Broadway, suite 2401, NY, NY 10036


Written by Charles Busch; directed by Carl Andress; scenic design by B.T. Whitehill; costume design by Michael Bottari and Ron Case; wig design by Elizabeth Katherine Carr; Charles Busch's wig by Paul Huntley; lighting design by Michael Lincoln; sound design by Michael Lincoln; make-up design by Cassandra Saulter; production stage manager, John F. Sullivan; press representative, Keith Sherman & Assoc.  Presented by Theatre for the New City, Executive Director, Crystal Field and Mark Christian Subias.


Charles Busch (Lady Sylvia Allington), Sekiya Billman (Mah Li), Becky London Pug Talbot/Lord St. John Allington), Jodie Lynne McClintock (Mrs. Paula Carroll/Sir Geoffrey), Marcy McGuigan (Dr. Wu/Sir Lionel), James Saito (General Gong  Fei).


Shanghai Moon.jpg (17598 bytes)
Charles Busch
Shanghai Moon - CB with James Saito.jpg (40858 bytes)
CB with James Saito
Shanghai Moon - Gold Headdress B&W.jpg (72144 bytes)
Charles Busch
Shanghai Moon - CB, James, Becky, Marcy.jpg (47206 bytes)
from left: Marcy McGuigan, Becky London, James Saito, CB
Shanghai Moon - CB in red.jpg (25953 bytes)
CB and Jodie Lynne

Shanghai Moon - CB sitting on chaise.jpg (17479 bytes)
Charles Busch

Shanghai Moon - CB White Gown.jpg (17440 bytes)
Charles Busch

Shanghai Moon - CB with James.jpg (26272 bytes)
CB and James Saito


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Shanghai Moon 2003 Production

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