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Backstage at the Limbo Lounge VLS.jpg (41350 bytes)

Theatre-in-Limbo backstage at the Limbo Lounge in 1984.  There was no dressing room only that narrow space behind the stage.  We're doing an early version of "Vampire Lesbians of Sodom."  From left to right that's Ken Elliott, our director who also played King Carlisle and was the Moses who led us from the East Village to a commercial run Off-Broadway.  Ken has collaborated with me on almost every play of mine from 1982 - 1999.  He's a wonderful director and editor and a friend I cherish.  Next t him is Julie Halston who was working on Wall Street by day and playing the Succubus by night; gorgeous Bobby Carey and myself garbed as the virgin sacrifice.  In the back, you can see Arnie Kolodner and Tom Aulino.

Bobby Headshot.jpg (15822 bytes) Robert Carey.  Bobby was a beloved member of our troupe, "Theater-in-Limbo."  He created roles in many of my plays from "Vampire Lesbians of Sodom" to "The Lady in Question."  A stunningly beautiful young man, he was also outrageously funny and painfully sweet.  His death from AIDS in 1992 was a terrible loss to many people.

Kath Headshot.jpg (26484 bytes)

Kathie Carr, someone I love very much, dear friend, wig stylist extraordinaire, former disco dance champion, card shark and current webmistress.  A fictional portrait of her is Camille in my novel "Whores of Lost Atlantis," a tome which she lovingly typed over four times.
Charles, Kath at McBells.jpg (37591 bytes) Kathie Carr and myself at McBells.  McBells was a wonderful Irish pub restaurant on Sixth Avenue at Washington Place in the Village.  A longtime hangout for Off-Broadway actors and writers, some of the most important moments of my career were plotted out over the delicious Dublin Prawns.  A victim of the out-of-control real estate market, McBells closing was the end of an era to many people.  How I miss Tommy, Jimmy and above all Francis.

meghan.jpg (17286 bytes)

Meghan Robinson.  When we decided to move "Vampire Lesbians of Sodom" Off-Broadway, Julie Halston chose not to leave her day job on Wall Street and became the understudy.  She recommended her friend, Meghan, to take over her role.  Meghan was a wonderful actress and a truly glamorous personality.  She created roles in "Psycho Beach Party" and "The Lady in Question."  Her early death in 1991 was a terrible tragedy.  I miss her so very much.

Provincetown Playhouse Marquee.jpg (50727 bytes)

The outside of the Provincetown Playhouse.  For five years, that marquee was up on Macdougal Street.  We had a terrible time keeping it up because naughty NYU students would steal the marquee from time-to-time to have a wacky addition to their dorm rooms.

Bobby and Charles Backstage VLS.jpg (21369 bytes)

Bobby Carey and I backstage at the Provincetown Playhouse.  Bobby was the model for Buster in "Whores of Lost Atlantis."

TSA - The Girls.jpg (28156 bytes)

In 1986, we produced our Christmas show "Times Square Angel" in repertory with "Vampire Lesbians of Sodom" at the Provincetown Playhouse.  From left to right, Meghan Robinson, Yvonne Singh, myself and Julie Halston. The adorable little blonde in front is Theresa Marlowe.  Theresa created memorable roles in many of our shows.  This one as Cookie Gibbs was one of my favorites.

With Iris Adrian.jpg (42877 bytes)

When we performed "Vampire Lesbians" in Los Angeles in 1990, it was a great thrill for us to meet the wonderful movie character actress, Iris Adrian.  You've seen Iris in dozens and dozens of old movies.  Always the wisecracking blonde, she was a memorable Two-gun Gertie in "Roxie Hart."  We became friends until her death and she was just as fun and cute as her onscreen persona.

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