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Charles and Martin Outze.jpg (30158 bytes)

In 1992, we played "Vampire Lesbians" in Tokyo.  Here's Martin Outzen, who played Bobby's role, and I on closing night.  During the curtain call, we were overwhelmed when colored streamers and hundreds of beautiful origami stars and birds showered down on us.

Cowgirl Hall of Fame Display.jpg (20183 bytes)

A very talented friend of mine, Bryant Hoven, created a Christmas window for the Cowgirl Hall of Fame restaurant down in the village.  I was looking at it and it occurred to me that the Virgin Mary looked strangely familiar.  Yeah.  She looked just like me!  I asked Bryant about it and sheepishly he agreed but said it was unintentional.  Bryant, a marvelous couturiere, had drawn so many fashion sketches of me over the years, that I guess he just had me on the brain.

Charles and Julie at Gay Pride Parade.jpg (60562 bytes)

Julie Halston and I riding in the Gay and Lesbian parade in 1991.  Julie was a fantastic sidekick to me in "Vampire Lesbians of Sodom," "The Lady in Question" and "Red Scare on Sunset."  After her terrific performance in "You Should Be So Lucky," she struck out on her own and has had a great career as a comedienne in her own solo shows and in other people's plays.  I hope some day we'll get a chance to work together again.  Julie is the model for Roxie in "Whores of Lost Atlantis."

Charles with Ed Rendell.jpg (32855 bytes)

Here I am receiving Philadelphia's Liberty Bell Award from Mayor Ed Rendell during a charity benefit performance in 1995.  I kinda wish I didn't look like such a cheap dame.

Carl Headshot.jpg (15161 bytes) Carl Andress, trusted colleague, director of "Queen Amarantha" and "Shanghai Moon," co-star of the play "Die, Mommy, Die!" and a dear, beloved friend.
Charles with Bruce Springstein.jpg (38721 bytes) Bruce "The Boss" Springsteen and I share a laugh at a tribute to our friend Elaine Steinbeck at the Bay Street Theatre in Sag Harbor.
Charles with Kline, Cates, Howard.jpg (53814 bytes) Gagging it up with Kevin Kline, his lovely wife Phoebe Cates and director Ron Howard.

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