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Charles-Norville-Trump.jpg (46393 bytes) Socialite/philanthropist Blaine Trump and TV journalist Deborah Norville did cameos in Caged and what a luscious duo they are.  I look like an old hag next to them.  

photo: Bruce Glikas/

Broadway Cares.jpg (61846 bytes) What a pleasure to hob-knob at the Broadway Care's Easter Bonnet Contest  with such artistes as Alan Cumming, Bebe Neuwirth, and Mary Louise Parker.

photo: Bruce Glikas/

Broadway Cares2.jpg (62565 bytes) Presenting at the Broadway Cares Easter Bonnet Contest with the absolutely delightful Kevin Chamberlin.

photo: Bruce Glikas/

CB 2001 Tony Awards.jpg (12235 bytes) Never dreamed I'd be introducing my play at the Tony Awards
CB - LIQ - MC.jpg (24013 bytes) For one magical Sunday afternoon I recreated one of my favorite roles, Gertrude Garnet in The Lady In Question for my Matinees Classiques Reading Series.  Behind me, my long-time stage buddy, Julie Halston.
LIQ - Andy, Carl, Julie.jpg (45246 bytes)

Trusted colleague and friend Carl Andress (center) directed The Lady In Question for Matinees Classiques and played my leading man Erik Maxwell.  Julie Halston (l) and Andy Halliday (r) recreated their original roles as well.


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