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Charles with Dr. Ruth Westheimer.jpg (50080 bytes)

Dear Dr. Ruth to whom I can always depend on for good sound advice.

Charles with June Havoc.jpg (39010 bytes) Sharing the dais with a great lady of the theatre, Miss June Havoc.
Charles with Maxene Andrews.jpg (23129 bytes) How thrilling to share the stage with the great Maxine Andrews of the Andrews Sisters in "Swingtime Canteen."  She died only weeks later.
Charles with lurch.jpg (32037 bytes) Relaxing on the set of my first picture "Addams Family Values" with a favorite and sympathetic co-star.
Charles with Roger Rees.jpg (42670 bytes) I went gaga over matinee idol Roger Rees when I saw him trod the boards in "Nicholas Nickleby."  I never dreamed that one day we'd be colleagues and friends.
Charles with Tony Goldwyn.jpg (33005 bytes) Tony Goldwyn, made the filming of our 1997 "art" film "Trouble on the Corner" a sheer delight.
Charles with Lady Bunny.jpg (29928 bytes) The Lady Bunny, civic organizer, funny lady, terrific singer and a wise old gal.
Charles with Steven Brinberg.jpg (18325 bytes) Steven Brinberg - Streisand impersonator extraordinaire.  I've been his guest star a number of times and he's always made me feel welcome.

Charles with Lynne Meadows.jpg (21834 bytes)

Lynne Meadow and I at "The Tale of the Allergist's Wife" first opening night at Manhattan Theatre Club in February, 2000.  Lynne is the artistic director of MTC and directed "The Tale of the Allergist's Wife."  She really is a wonderful director.  She knew that play better than I did, and knew how to squeeze every laugh out of it, as well as giving it weight and dramatic value.  I get really sappy when I talk about Lynne.  I just love her.

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