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Allergists Wife Marquee.jpg (23982 bytes) Allergist’s marquee.  What a thrill it was the first time I saw the Broadway marquee for The Tale of the Allergist’s Wife.  It was raining that day but that didn’t stop me from gazing at it from every angle.  

photo: ©Bruce Glikas/

Jeff Melnick.jpg (21743 bytes)

Jeff Melnick.  My manager and great friend for lo-these many years.  For more than eight years he tried to get a movie made of "Psycho Beach Party."  Today, I refer to the picture as Jeff's "Gandhi."

Charles with Rod McKuen.jpg (15139 bytes) Show business does indeed make for strange bedfellows.  Here I am at an all-star charity benefit sharing a dressing room with famed poet/troubadour Rod McKuen.  What a doll!
Charles with Bonnie Franklin.jpg (19842 bytes) Hamming it up with perky Bonnie Franklin.  My gorgeous jewelry was designed by the brilliant Larry Vrba.
Charles with Bobby Morse.jpg (23712 bytes) Darling Robert "Bobby" Morse, so wonderful in "How to Succeed..." and many other Broadway shows.
Charles with Sally Kellerman.jpg (24004 bytes) Statuesque Sally Kellerman and I look like we're rehearsing for a bus and truck of "Mame" - I'm game.  
Charles with Brock Peters.jpg (18148 bytes) How lovely to share a brief reflective moment with the great Brock Peters, so memorable in "To Kill a Mockingbird."

Caged - entire cast.jpg (54569 bytes)

“The all-star cast of the wonderful reading of Caged at Town Hall. The extraordinarily eclectic company pictured here included Lily Tomlin, Joan Rivers, Isabella Rossellini, Lorna Luft, Carol Shelley, Brenda Bergman, Julie Halston, Varla Jean Merman, John Kelly, Lypsinka and yours truly.  A memorable night.  

photo: ©Bruce Glikas/

Charles-Joan-Isabella.jpg (44848 bytes) What a pleasure to get to “hang” with the delightful Joan Rivers and Isabella Rossellini backstage during Caged.  Joan looks a bit like Tama Janowitz and Isabella resembles Frida Kahlo on a bender.  

photo: ©Bruce Glikas/

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