Die Mommie Die

The Movie


I had the most fantastic time this past June acting in the film version of my play Die Mommie Die.  Shot in a grueling eighteen days, I adored every minute of it.  This is a project I'm very proud of.

I was presented with a 2003 Sundance Film Festival award for best performance.  Die Mommie Die was chosen to be the opening night selection at both the Miami and San Francisco Gay and Lesbian Film Festivals.  The film will be released in theaters in October, 2003.

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My costumes in the film of Die Mommie Die are by my long time collaborators, Michael Bottari and Ronald Case.  They were with me every day during the filming and were an absolute joy.  With me is the marvelous hairdresser from the film, Danny Howell.
DieMommieDie3.jpg (52550 bytes) Most of the film takes place in 1967, but there are a few flashbacks to the 1950's.  Here I am in a wardrobe test for one of the fifties scenes.
DieMommieDie4.jpg (39176 bytes)

Here I am waiting for the cameras to roll in one of the last shots of the film.  I look a bit grim, but I think I was just feeling a bit nervous as we were about to shoot a complicated scene involving many extras and cars, etc.

Seated left to right are members of my divine supporting cast; Natasha Lyonne, Frances Conroy, Stark Sands and yours most sincerely.

A Gallery of photos of Charles as Angela Arden
Photos by Jim Cox

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Screenplay by Charles Busch

Directed by Mark Rucker

Cast (in credits order)



Produced by:
Charles Busch (I) .... Angela Arden
Natasha Lyonne .... Edith Sussman
Jason Priestley .... Tony Parker 
Frances Conroy  .... Bootsie Carp
Philip Baker Hall .... Sol Sussman 
Stark Sands .... Lance Sussman 
Victor Raider-Wexler .... Sam Fishbein 
Nora Dunn .... Shatzi Van Allen 

Dante Di Loreto .... producer 
Lonny Dubrofsky .... executive producer 
Anthony Edwards .... producer 
Robert Hall (V) .... associate producer 
Bill Kenwright .... producer 
Frank Pavich .... co-producer 
Neil Weinman .... co-executive producer

Original Music by Dennis McCarthy (I) 

Cinematography by Kelly Evans (I) 

Film Editing by Philip Harrison (II) 

Casting by Collin Daniel, Jeff Greenberg 

Production Design by  Joseph B. Tintfass 

Set Decoration by Sandy Adams 

Costume Design by:   Michael Bottari, Ronald Case, Thomas G. Marquez 

rest of cast listed alphabetically 

Stanley DeSantis .... Tuchman 
Tom Hughes (VI) .... Moving Man #2 
Josh Hutchinson .... Policeman 
Christopher McDaniel .... Moving Man #1 (as Chris McDaniel) 
Angela Paton .... The Fan 
Jason Segel .... Larry the Hippie 
Paul Vinson .... Leather Daddy 

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